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Sweet & Sour is an amazing new strain from Southern Sky Brands. Like the name, there is a sweet smell with hints of floral sweetness and lemon, then when smoked you’ll get the sour taste similar to pomegranate and an earthiness. The effects are a fast onset cerebral jolt providing energy, creativity and a mind tingling sensation. Pain, anxiety tend to simply be forgotten. New users need to be aware, we suggest users start low and go slow. The effects will slowly hit the body and the feeling of energy makes this a great add to your perfect pre-workout routine. If you are needing to tackle that report, or attack the yard on the weekends, this will give you the energy and focus to take any project on. Unless you are going to a Concert, most will not want to use this at night! IF you ARE going to a concert this will allow you to focus and hear every note on every instrument. Many artists have attested to the terpene, “Limonene” to help them focus and tend to enhance their creativity. We’re betting this will be one of the most popular if other states’ history proves true for Mississippi.


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